Well, hasn’t it been crazy lately? Hope you’ve managed to stay in stock of loo paper! It was touch and go there for a little while for me..

Seriously though, the travel restrictions, social isolation, quarantines and general fear and uncertainty have hit some pretty hard. Particularly those of us without permanent or secure long term employment in ‘non-essential’ roles. Escorts are especially affected as our work cannot help but involve close physical contact, and we have absolutely zero job security or protections. No sick leave of course, no rec leave (or leave loading – those were the days!), no superannuation, no maternity leave, carers leave, personal leave etc etc. Some have back up civvie jobs, often casual, but many like myself, rely entirely on sex work to pay our rent, food, and bills. None of our business or life expenses have reduced in any way whatsoever. Yet many of us are facing increasing pressure to reduce our rates due to the coronavirus situation. This seems an entirely unreasonable expectation.


 Nonetheless, I have in fact drastically reduced my rates for MARCH ONLY. January and February are already very slow months for the escort industry, and we have then been hit by coronavirus ‘situation’. As such, I have not been able to pay for my usual in call location this month – I would be struggling to even break even on that cost, let alone make any actual profit. Therefore I decided to experiment for this month with drastically reduced rates. They will not, and cannot, continue past March. 

**EDIT: as of 18 March I am no longer offering discounted rates.  I will be limiting my clients to 1 or 2 per week and preference will be given to multi hour and overnight bookings for existing clients.  No 30 minute sessions will be offered.

If you don’t feel comfortable seeing an escort right now, I completely understand. You must do what feels right and safe for you. I would ask that if you are thinking of seeing me (or any escort) when things settle down, please consider the option of sending through a deposit now, even if very small. Business is very slow, and it would be of great help to me (and I imagine other escorts). To make this even more worth your while, I am offering a discount of your deposit amount, up to $150 discount. To take advantage of this, just pay your deposit by the end of March, and then I will give you the deposit amount off your 1 hour or more GFE booking in April or later in the year. Eg if you pay a $100 deposit now, and then book a 1 hr Deluxe GFE booking in May, instead of the usual $400, it would only be $300. And you’ve already paid $100 deposit, so only $200 left to pay. Bargain. Or instead of paying a total of $500 for a 1 hr Kinky GFE it would only be $400 total. Go on, do it! You know it make sense.
– pay deposit by end of March
– make a 1 hour or more GFE booking in April or later this year
– get a discount of your deposit amount (up to $150 maximum discount)

COVID-19 safety: Please do not request to see me if you have been overseas, or in large gatherings, in the 2 weeks before our meeting, or you have been in contact with someone with the virus.  Obviously.  Please wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.  If you have hand sanitiser you’re welcome to bring it to our booking. For your safety I can let you know that I have not been overseas recently, or on a plane since 5 March. My West End in call (and all toys) has been thoroughly cleaned, including alcohol wipes over phone, computer, chargers, door handles, light switches etc. I will continue to use alcohol wipes on these surfaces daily, as well as before and after seeing any clients. I am practising social isolation apart from: yoga class which is right across the road and has so few attendees now that we can easily stay 6 feet away from each other; and the now very very small number of clients I may see. 

If you’re feeling stressed, maybe a sensual relaxation session is just what you need. This is a blissful, calming and rejuvenating experience with high quality oils. There is no pressure on performance. I can help you relax and open up to receiving all my care and attention. Finish with a deep cuddle. Perfect.

Stay safe lovers and I hope to see you soon!!