How do I book an encounter with you?

1. Read ALL the FAQs on this page
2. Make sure you know my rates, location and availability
3. Be prepared for how to pay your deposit, download Beem app if necessary.
4. Send me a polite text (0498 490 720) or email  ( – ADDRESS ME BY MY NAME AND TELL ME YOUR NAME.

Requests must be in writing (we can speak briefly on the phone after you have sent a request).
The enquiry must include MY NAME (I do not answer to babe, sexy, hun, luv, gorgeous etc),

“Hi Sylvia, James here.  I’d like to book a GFE session with you tomorrow afternoon”
“Hi Sylvia, I found your profile on Tryst.  Are you available this evening for outcall to my hotel in the cbd?  Thanks, James”
“Hi Sylvia, I will be in Brisbane next week and would like a dinner date or overnight with you.  Could you tell me the inclusions in deluxe and kinky gfe?  James”

I'm Indian/black/Muslim/tall/short/hairy/fat/thin/have a beard/young/old/etc etc will you still see me?

Yes, absolutely! As long as you are:
make a clear booking request (with your NAME, and addressing me by MY name),
pay your deposit, and
have good hygiene,
then I am very happy to see you.
I am well travelled, culturally aware, highly educated, and anti-racist.  I like men young, old, and in between. I like all shapes and sizes. 

Where do you advertise? What are legitimate and reliable escort directories?

The only advertising sites I recommend are Ivy Societe and Dakota Dice.  Both platforms are Australian owned and run, founded by Australian escorts, have high standards for advertising, and treat both providers and clients with respect.
My profiles are here and here.
I also advertise on some other major sites:  Real Babes, Escorts & Babes, and for overseas tours EuroGirls and Escort Directory.  Please be aware that there are a lot of unscrupulous sites which illegally scrape information from legitimate directories.  This means the information can be outdated, incomplete, or totally incorrect.  Please support quality Australian businesses and use Dakota Dice and/or Ivy Societe when searching for escorts.

Do I really have to send a deposit?

Yes!  Deposits are required for ALL services.    Simply stating you will pay cash in your booking request will not negate the need for a deposit, neither will offers of more money.  There are multiple options for deposits, all are safe, instant, and anonymous if you wish them to be.  You can also deposit cash at a Smart ATM so there is no record on your bank account.
A deposit must be paid at the time of booking.  Please do not contact me if you are not able to pay a deposit immediately.

Details on payment options are here.  If you don’t want to pay a deposit, do not contact me.

How should I prepare for our meeting?

If you have a beard make sure its clean and trimmed, especially around mouth.  If you don’t have a beard please shave your face in the hours before we meet, OR don’t shave for at least 3 days – stubble is scratchy and uncomfortable on the face and vulva.
Likewise please have pubic hair lightly trimmed, or natural if it is not too long/bushy.  If you are going to shave then do so in the hours before meeting, otherwise it should have at least 3 days growth. 

Nails should be clean and trimmed short.  A nail brush and clippers are provided should you need them.

If you shower right before leaving to meet me and arrive in airconditioned car then you probably won’t need to have a full shower on arrival, although you will be welcome to.  It is usually a good idea to at least freshen up your groin area on arrival.  Otherwise a shower on arrival is necessary.  Please make sure you thoroughly clean penis, balls, and entire groin and backside area.  If you have gone to toilet after showering you must clean that area again.  Pull back the foreskin completely, clean with mild soap, and rinse.  If you can’t fully retract your foreskin with ease, please see a doctor for treatment of phimosis.   You should wash your penis and under your foreskin at least once per day.  If you are smelly or unclean there, no service will be provided.

I will offer you a shower or freshen up on arrival, and at the end of our time together.  Shower time is included in the session time – if you take 15 minutes to have a shower at the start, and 15 minutes to have a shower at the end, you will have used up 30min of your allocated time. So take short showers!
Unscented hypoallergenic wash, shampoo & conditioner, clean towels, hand towel, face washer, moisturiser, non-alcohol mouthwash, disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, nail brush, and men’s deodorant are all provided for your use. 

I provide latex and non-latex condoms in 4 sizes, as well as silicone-based and water-based lubricant.

What if I'm early or late?

If you arrive early you can text me to let me know you’ve arrived – if I am ready early I’ll be happy to let you start early, but I’m usually only ready at the booking time.  If you arrive very early, please do not sit outside my incall (whether in car or not).  There are several coffee shops close by open until 2pm,  and others within 5 minutes drive you can wait at, or take a short walk.  Sitting outside for half an hour to an hour draws attention to yourself, and therefore me.  

If you’re running late, let me know BEFORE hand.  Even if you are only 10mins away from me, you will know at least 15 minutes before that you will not make it on time.  With sufficient notice its usually not too much of a problem if you’re running late, however sometimes I have something else on and I can’t change the finish time, even with notice.  If you turn up late without letting me know ahead of time, your finish time will be certain to remain the same.


Can I call you or chat with you outside of bookings?

Generally, no.  After you have made a proper booking enquiry you may call to discuss the finer details, or for a SHORT chat to see if you are happy to make a booking with me. 
I no longer offer paid Skype calls or phone calls as my service is much more suited to in person contact.  I don’t mind brief messages about something we’ve chatted about in session, eg to mention a podcast, band, or restaurant we’ve talked about/you think I’ll like.  
If you start sending too many messages, or trying to call, I will let you know that its not appropriate.  Please don’t take offence at this – it means I am still happy to see you, but want to make our arrangement clear.  If you continue to do this, I will not continue to see you.

Why didn't you respond to my text or email?

Because you didn’t follow booking instructions – address me by my name, and tell me your name.  Enquiries that start with ‘hey babe’ or include any variation of ‘u avail’ are blocked immediately. 
Or because you didn’t pass screening – eg you made up a fake name (there is no reason for you to do this, and yes we have ways of checking)
If you did send a proper text enquiry I may not have replied if I was with a client, or otherwise busy having a life (it happens occasionally!).  I generally don’t like to respond to texts too long after received as many potential clients have partners at home who may be checking their messages.  If you don’t mind when I return your text, please let me know.  

If I haven’t responded to your email or online contact form its possible it has gone into my spam folder or otherwise escaped my attention.  Its fine to send a text or another email if I don’t respond within 48 hours. 

Can you send more photos?

No.  There are plenty of photos on my website, Twitter, Instagram, and advertising profiles. I have taken time, effort, and considerable expense to provide clients with a wide range of accurate photos. If there are more photos I wish clients to see, I will put them on my website or profiles.

Do you have a natural bush? How hairy is it?

Yes! I absolutely do have a full natural bush, which is unfortunately quite rare these days.  I don’t remove my pubic hair except for small trim around the edges. 

I will not send more photos.  I will not shave it, nor will it magically grow more bushy.

Do you see virgins or very inexperienced men?

Yes, definitely! I consider it an honour to share this experience with you.  I highly recommend at least a 2 hour booking so it will feel less pressured. If you are quite nervous you might light to book a 1 hour kiss and cuddle, or sensual touch, session first.  

Do I really have to wear a condom?

Yes. No exceptions. Please do not ask for natural intercourse, you risk losing your booking and the chance of any future booking with me.

Can I have a short booking? 10 minute blow and go?

The type of service I provide is not suited to short bookings,  I do not take bookings of less than 1 hour.
My shortest booking is 1 hour.  You can spend a shorter time with me, however the rate will be the same.

Do you tour? Will you come to my city or town?

I am available for fly-me-to-you within Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia, and the rest of world excluding USA.  Further details are here

I’m also available for bookings on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, and in Toowoomba, with at least 24 hours notice.  Rates are here.

Do you see women or couples?

I see both men and women for one-on-one sessions.   

I am also very happy to see MM bisexual couple, FF lesbian/bi couples, or trans/gnc couples.  I require a mobile number for both parties, and I may ask for either a recent head & shoulders photo of both partners, or another form of ID (this is for my safety).   Minimum booking time is 2 hours, rate is an additional $100 on top of usual fee, non-negotiable.

How do I know you're real?

You can’t be 100% sure I’m real.  I can’t be 100% sure that you’ll turn up and pay, or that you’re not a rapist, murderer, thief, stalker, or general nuisance. 
You can research potential providers and check if they have a website, a social media presence, reviews, how long they have been around, do a google image search on their photos, google search the phone number and name of provider, read their ad copy to see if it makes sense, do they have reviews and do the reviews sound legitimate (or were they all written on the same day and use the same language as the advertising copy). 

As I provider, I am at risk of murder, rape, assault, robbery, theft, stalking, and doxxing from clients.  Doxxing puts my work, travel, and relationships at risk for the rest of my life.  No-one cares if you are seeing an escort or cheating on your wife, you are not that important.  I have less than zero interest or benefit in ‘outing’ you to your wife.  If you give a fake name, your booking will be cancelled and you will be blocked. 

Can I negotiate a better rate with you?

No.  My rates are clearly stated here, and are excellent value.  The included services in my Deluxe and Kinky GFE are extremely generous.
No negotiations – please don’t insult me or embarrass yourself by trying to haggle.
If this is not something you can afford or are willing to pay, then you should find another provider.

Health and Hygiene

I am covid vaccinated – 5 shots with last bivalent booster in April 2023, and have a flu shot every year.   I have all other standard vaccinations including Gardasil 9 and hep B.   I have a full STI check every 3 months.  Condoms must always be used for vaginal and anal sex, no exceptions.

I expect all my clients to also have regular full STI screening.  Health recommendations are that anyone who is sexually active should be tested at least once per year – even if you only have one partner, even if you only have protected sex.  If you have several partners, or ever have any kind of unprotected sex (e.g. uncovered oral), you should be tested at least once every 6 months.   There are many free sexual health clinics you can access if you don’t feel comfortable seeing your regular GP. 

I maintain a high level of personal hygiene and expect clients to show the same basic courtesy.  I should not have to explicitly state the following, but alas, it is necessary. 
– Please shower thoroughly, using soap/body wash, from head to toe. 
– The foreskin should be fully pulled back and penis thoroughly washed with a mild soap every time you shower (i.e. every day). 
– If you cannot fully retract your foreskin with comfort and ease, you have some form of phimosis and should see a doctor.  At best this causes a bad smell, but it can lead to infection and the foreskin getting stuck completely.  Please see your doctor – it can be usually be easily fixed with a steroid cream, or a quick in-office surgical remedy. 
– I will not engage in any intimate activities if the penis and entire groin area is not thoroughly clean.
– Wash your testicles, between your butt cheeks, and your perineum. 
– Trim your finger and toe nails.  Scrub nails if there is dirt. 
– Brush your teeth, tongue, and inside your cheeks.  Use mouth wash.
– If there is bleeding when you brush or use dental floss it is because you do not brush or floss enough.  You should brush twice a day and floss at least once a day.

I provide shampoo and conditioner, scented and unscented body wash, face washer, unscented moisturizer, disposable toothbrush, mouthwash, nail brush, nail scissors, mens deodorant, clean towels.   Please use them. 

But I'm young/hot/really good in bed/will give you a massage/give you head?

Congratulations on being young, hot, and really good in bed!  I’m sure you can have any woman you want, especially if you pay the advertised prices.  My rates remain the same.

But I'm a student and can't afford it?

Spend your money on rent, food, and text books.  Perhaps have a look at Scott Pape’s Barefoot Investor, it has truly excellent advice – I wish I’d known all this when I was younger.  If you follow it you might be able to save up enough to see me 🙂