How do I book an encounter with you?

1. Read this website
2. Make sure you know my rates, location and availability
3. Be prepared for how to pay your deposit, download Beemit app if necessary.
4. Fill in the contact form to make a clear request

Alternatively you may text (0498 490 720) or email me (
Requests must be in writing (we can speak on the phone after you have sent a request).
The enquiry must include MY name (I do not answer to babe, sexy, hun, luv, gorgeous etc), and YOUR name.

“Hi Sylvia, James here.  I’d like to book a GFE session with you tomorrow afternoon”
“Hi Sylvia, I found your profile on Tryst.  Are you available this evening for outcall to my hotel in the cbd?  Thanks, James”
“Hi Sylvia, I will be in Brisbane next week and would like a dinner date or overnight with you.  Could you tell me the inclusions in deluxe and kinky gfe?  James”

I'm Indian/black/Muslim/tall/short/hairy/fat/thin/have a beard/young/old/etc etc will you still see me?

Yes, absolutely! As long as you are polite, respectful, make a clear booking request (with your NAME, and addressing me by MY name), and have good hygiene I am very happy to see you.
I am well travelled, culturally aware, highly educated, and anti-racist.  I like men young, old, and in between. I like all shapes and sizes. I quite like a short, well-groomed, full beard. (PS:  My pale vanilla skin looks lovely against chocolate and caramel 🙂 )

Do you have a natural bush? How hairy is it?

Yes! I absolutely do have a full natural bush, which is unfortunately quite rare these days.  As far as I know, I’m one of only a handful of escorts in Queensland with a completely full natural bush.  I don’t remove my pubic hair (very rarely it gets a little trim).  Photos are available here.

I will not send more photos.  I will not shave it, nor will it magically grow more bushy.

Can you send more photos?

No.  There are plenty of photos on my website, Twitter, Instagram, and advertising profiles. I have taken time, effort, and considerable expense to provide clients with a wide range of accurate photos. If there are more photos I wish clients to see, I will put them on my website or profiles.

Do I really have to wear a condom?

Yes. No exceptions. Please do not ask for natural sex, you risk losing your booking and the chance of any future booking with me.

Can I have a short booking? 10 minute blow and go?

The type of service I provide is not suited to short bookings, and I rarely take bookings of less than 1 hour.
My shortest in call booking is 45 minutes,  You can spend a shorter time with me, however the rate will be the same.
My shortest out call booking is 1 hour.  You can spend a shorter time with me, however the rate will be the same.

Do you tour? Will you come to my city or town?

I am available for fly-me-to-you in Australia and internationally.  All transport, accommodation, and meals provided by you, in addition to rates for out time together.  One weeks notice and 50% deposit required.

I will travel to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba for 2+ hour bookings, with $50 travel fee, and deposit paid 24 hours in advance.

I do not usually tour as it is extremely expensive and unpredictable. 

Why can't I see you face? How do I know you're real?

I am not ‘face out’ as I have a career outside the industry which would not be accepting of this area of work.
You can’t be 100% sure I’m real.  I can’t be 100% sure that you’ll turn up and pay, or that you’re not a rapist, murderer, thief. or stalker.
You can research potential providers and check if they have a website, a social media presence, how long they have been around, do a google image search on their photos, read their copy to see if it makes sense.  

Do I really have to send a deposit?

Yes! Deposits are required for ALL services.    Simply stating you will pay cash in your booking request will not negate the need for a deposit, neither will offers of more money.  There are multiple options for deposits, all are safe, instant, and anonymous if you wish them to be.  You can also deposit cash at a Smart ATM so there is no record on your bank account.

Details on payment options are here

What is shibari/kinbaku?

A gorgeous Japanese style of rope bondage.  More details of my offerings are on the Advanced/Kinky section of the GFE Encounters page.  You may like to find some inspiration on my Pinterest page, or you could Google it.

Can I negotiate a better rate with you?

No.  My rates are clearly stated here, and are excellent value.  The included services in my Deluxe and Kinky GFE are extremely generous.
No negotiations – please don’t insult me or embarrass yourself by trying to haggle.
If this is not something you can afford or are willing to pay, then you should find another provider.

But I'm young/hot/really good in bed/will give you a massage/give you head?

Congratulations on being young, hot, and really good in bed!  I’m sure you can have any woman you want, especially if you pay the advertised prices.  My rates remain the same.

But I'm a student and can't afford it?

Spend your money on rent, food, and text books.  Perhaps have a look at Scott Pape’s Barefoot Investor, it has truly excellent advice – I wish I’d known all this when I was younger.  If you follow it you might be able to save up enough to see me 🙂