The booking process for escorts should be just about the easiest thing there is to do in the world. However, for mysterious reasons, very few clients get it right and it is the number one most frustrating thing that escorts have to deal with. It is also amazing how many potential clients are unsuccessful in booking an escort, or certainly the escort they want. Don’t let this be you. I am going to spell out, with many examples, exactly how to book an escort in general, and how to book me specifically. If I’ve sent you this link, it means its your final chance to make a booking with me before I block you. So please read and follow, okay?

TLDR: in writing – no calls; your name; what you want; when you want it.

Why should you care what our booking processes are? Don’t escorts just want the money? Sure, this is a job, we’re doing it to get paid of course. It’s also a very intimate service, so starting off annoying your escort before you even arrive is not laying the groundwork for a good session together. If the booking process is difficult she is likely to see you as a chore to get through, or not want to see you at all. Many escorts, myself included, simply don’t bother with potential clients who won’t follow basic instructions, or aren’t polite. It’s in your own interest to make a clear and direct booking according to the escorts specific instructions. It’s also very hard to make a booking happen if you don’t actually tell us what you want and when you want it. We are not mind readers.

NUMBER ONE TIP: Read the profile or website of the escort. Seriously. Read it.
Find out her rates, where she is located, what is her general availability, does she take incalls or outcalls. Don’t ask for information she has already provided on her site.
Find out what her booking process is – some escorts don’t take calls (like me); some escorts only take calls. She has this process for a reason. Follow it.

NUMBER TWO TIP: Include your name, please! It is extremely rude to ask for intimate details and to be allowed to have sex with someone, when you haven’t even told them your first name. From a practical point of view, escorts usually get a lot of enquiries and a list of messages from unknown numbers is difficult to manage. If I can’t add you to my address book with a name, I will never answer your calls, and I probably won’t bother to reply to your messages. Including your name is the most simple and basic level of politeness.

1) Must be in writing. I do not take phone calls. Text, email, or use the booking form on my site. After you have made a clear booking enquiry we may talk on the phone. I will not take calls without a clear booking request.

2) Include my name – this is not only polite and respectful, it is very helpful for you to remember who you are talking to. If I reply to your text and then you have to ask who I am, it makes you like either an idiot or an a**hole. Usually both.

3) Include your name – do not ask for intimate details of my services, or to enter my personal space have sex with me, without at least telling me who you are. It is the height of rudeness. I also want to save you in my address book, which means I’ll respond to future messages quickly.

4) Tell me what you want. I offer many types of bookings – platonic dates, cuddle service, bdsm and kink, sensual touch, and GFE (girlfriend experience). I would like to have some idea of the service you are after. If you’re not sure, you can certainly say this and ask for a list of services, but you still need to give me a clue. Are you thinking of an overnight dinner date, a 30 min gentle massage, or do you want to be pegged with a large strap-on for hours? Is there something specific you want to do, or want me to do, in our session? Being honest and upfront about everything you’re interested in doing is the best approach. I won’t be offended. If its something I don’t do, I’ll just let you know and you can decide if you still want the booking, no problem.

5) When do you want it? The date and time preferably. Or a range of times. Something. Anything. Is it today, tomorrow, next week, 3 months time?

6) Location – my in call location in West End/South Brisbane? Or an outcall to your hotel? If it is an outcall what is the name of your hotel?

7) Bonus points – if you really want to get in my good books include where you found my advertisement, and some info about yourself (age, height, build, hair colour) – its nice to have some idea who I’m going to open the door to.


“Hi Sylvia, my name is John. I would like a 1hr GFE booking at 8pm tonight”

“Hi Sylvia, could you tell me the services in your deluxe and kinky gfe? I’m interested in a booking this Wednesday after between 5 and 8pm. Thanks, John”

“Hi Sylvia, I’m interested in a 2 hour kinky session with you sometime next week, during the day, preferably around luchtime. Do you do GS or anal? John”

“Sylvia, my name is John. I saw your profile on Scarlet Blue. I’m enquiring about a massage, hopefully with prostate stimulation, and maybe some anal play on me. Is this something you do?”

“Hi Sylvia, I’m John. 43 yrs old, tall, a little chubby, with a beard. I found your profile on Escorts and Babes. I’d like a dinner date or overnight next Thursday. Could you give me some more info on the deluxe and kinky services, and the tantra touch please. Thanks J”