Some of my lovely clients like to give a little extra gift, this is very much appreciated and by no means expected. Clients who are polite and respectful, make clear bookings, pay their deposit, and turn up on time with good hygiene are all the gift I need.

However, if you’d like to bring something in addition to your excellent manners, here are some suggestions:


  • flowers, wine (red and rose) and chocolates (dark) are always appreciated
  • live plants are adored
  • essentials oils (jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, sandalwood)
  • massage lotions from Perfect Potion
  • lingerie: 16E bras and size 18 panties
  • scented candles (citrus, herbaceous, and woody scents preferred)
  • Lovehoney – something you’ll get to enjoy as well
  • Eckersley’s so I can buy more ridiculously expensive Prismacolor pencils (I have the 36 set already)
  • Avid Reader – books I have my eye on: Too Much Lip; The Testaments; Catch & Kill
  • Endota Spa – massage & spa
  • Phimai Thai – massage & spa
  • Professional boudoir¬†photoshoot¬† $1000+
  • advertising (SB $132/mth, RealBabes¬† $35/mnth, E&B $50/mth for basic)
  • cost of website maintence (hosting, domain, theme)