Hey, I just wanted to say I had a fantastic time this afternoon.  They must of broke the mold because I don’t know of anyone who got me as excited and passionate as you.  Your seriously unforgettable, so thanks again Sylvia


Back home, Syliva.  And basking in a great experience.  I just sent you a little bonus to bank, just cos that was sooooo enjoyable.


Thank You so much for this morning. I had a wonderful time. You are an amazing lady. It would be fantastic to see you again when you’re available. Many Thanks once again for today.


Today I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with Miss Sylvia Blayne.  This well spoken, and immaculately presented lady met me at the door dressed in a gorgeous robe, lightly scented, with the most lovely welcoming smile. The rest of my time with Sylvia will remain between us 😉

But know this – this lady is a consumate professional, whose command of the art of boudoir Kung-Fu is solid.

I left with a spring in my step, and grin upon my face – and a brain scouring my calendar to find a gap to get another fix of this gorgeous, beautiful and beguiling temptress.


Just,      wow!
Have a good night. I look forward to seeing you again”


Dear Sylvia, Thank you so much for turning my week day evening into a balmy Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing you again


Awesome time with you & then huevos rancheros for brunch. What a great day! Thanks


I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Was perfect for me and wish i had more cash to see you again sooner.


After reading the review by Mr PolyG I decided to have a punt with Sylvia last week, and I am in full agreement with my precursor’s assessment.  Sylvia’s enthusiasm and engagment was top-notch!
Booking with Sylvia was a breeze.  She responded to my texts promptly and gave good information about how to find her. I opted for the GFE without extras and I took advantage of her $50 off for first time clients discount.
At the door, Sylvia greeted me in underwear and a sheer robe and (after handing over the fee) ushered me to what appeared to be her bedroom for the fun to begin forthwith.

What followed was the most passionate encounter I have had either punting or in relationship land.  Sylvia was keen to kiss deeply and got wet quickly when I touched her.  During the exploration of each others’ bodies and the DATY I was fully convinced Sylvia was cumming hard and frequently.

Sylvia then gave me the best head I’ve ever had and it took a great deal of effort to hold myself back for the great sex that followed where she writhed about underneath me in the hottest way I could have imagined.
Afterwards we cuddled and had a great chat about her life and how she got into the business, her travel experiences, etc.

I really appreciate the organic way the session progressed.  There was no ushering into an obvious ‘work’ room, no insistence on bathing first, no rote provisions of the (mutual) pleasures, and no hurry-up-and-leave afterwards.  For me, this puts the G in GFE.
To put it another way, if I had a girlfriend like Sylvia, I probably wouldn’t be punting.

5+ Stars

Justin - see PP for full review