Deposits are essential for all of my services.  Enquiries in writing only, address me by my name (not babe, hun, sexy) and tell me your name.

Full refunds are given with 72 hrs notice, unless for overnight or extended sessions which may require more notice.  Transfer to another booking available with 48 hours notice, or 72 hours for extended bookings. 

Payments can be made via Beem It app, Prezzee eGift card, or cash deposit at ATM.  All these methods are instant, safe, and allow you to keep your full identity hidden if you choose.  Cash deposit at Smart ATM leaves no record on bank statements, and Prezzee gift card can be easier to explain if that is an issue and also accepts international credit cards. 

BeemIt App
Download the app from Apple Store or Google Play and set up with your Visa or Mastercard. BeemIt was established by CommBank, NAB, and Westpac, and purchased by eftpos in 2019.
Open the app and select the Pay button, then enter the amount and send to 
Sylvia Blayne (@SylviaBlayne). 

Prezzee Gift Card

Sign up to Prezzee and then select ‘smart eGift card’.  Choose the amount and send to  You can also include a message here if you’d like.  Make sure you double check my email address before sending.  International cards accepted.

Cash Deposit at Smart ATM
Make a cash deposit at an ANZ Smart ATM.  Let me know if you want to use this option and I will send you BSB and account details.  There are ANZ Smart ATMs located on Queen Street Mall, and cnr of George and Adelaide Streets.  You can search for other Smart ATMs near you on the ANZ site.
Not all ATMs are Smart ATMS.  Check first.

Your responsibility

These three payment methods are safe, instantaneous and anonymous.  You can use cash, Australian debit card, Australian credit card,  or international credit card, including Visa debit etc.   If you choose not to use one of these 3 requested methods and instead want to transfer your deposit, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILTY to ensure that the payment is cleared in to my bank account in sufficient time.  A screen shot is NOT sufficient evidence of payment.  Fake bank transfers are an extremely common method of avoiding payment to escorts.  Your booking is not held until the money is cleared into my account, if another booking comes up I will not hold yours.  If it has not cleared when you arrive you will have to pay the full booking amount in cash, or via BeemIt or Prezzee on arrival.
Banks that have PayID use Osko payments which are usually instantaneous, however some banks put a hold for first time payees (Commonwealth Bank does this).  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure the payment is received by me in time.  If you want to avoid potential issues then use one of the 3 requested methods for payment.

Please be aware that in the unlikely event of a refund, I only use BeemIt or Prezzee.  I will not transfer funds to you.  This is to protect my privacy.

Why a deposit?
As service providers we are constantly faced with fake bookings, last minute cancellations, no shows, and address collectors.  Not to mention the very real risk of robbery, assault, rape, or even murder when we let strangers into our most intimate spaces (not very fun and sexy I know).   The worst that might realistically happen to a client is that the provider is not who he expected, or the service not quite as good as he wanted.   Providers will not make money from stealing a deposit and would very quickly lose all business due to bad reviews.  Taking a small amount of time to research your provider helps ensure you are safe – do they have a website, Twitter or other social media, reviews, have they been around for a while?  Clients are able to go to the police and receive the same (or better) protections against fraud as providers are.  
A deposit gives us some small security, and indication that we won’t have our time and money taken from us, or much worse.  Police in Queensland can, and frequently do, pose as clients to entrap sex workers and try to get them to agree to illegal services.  They are not currently able to use police funds for bookings, therefore sending a deposit is a guarantee that you are not police.
I fully understand that some people may feel a little unsure about giving a deposit to an escort, whose real name they don’t even know.  Or perhaps because it might be hard to explain on your bank statement.  Please understand that I am running a business (sometimes dangerous, always unpredictable), and cannot entertain clients who don’t provide a deposit when requested.  If you feel that you cannot give a deposit, then another provider, or a brothel, may be a better option for you.