All these acronyms and abbreviations used in the sex industry can be confusing. And sometimes strange. Here is a quick breakdown of the main ones. It might also give you some ideas for your next session!

Anal play – using fingers and toys in the anus.  Never put something in anus and then vagina (or mouth)

Anal sex – penis in anus sex.  Never put something in the anus and then the vagina (or mouth)

BBBJ – bareback blow job.  Fellatio without a condom

BDSM – Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadomasochism.  It covers a lot of things.  Xeromag has a nice breakdown of this as well as lots of fun ideas!

Body worship – physically revering and worshipping our partners body by kissing, licking, sucking,  Can be part of bdsm, or done just because its wonderful! 

CBJ – covered blow job.  Fellatio with a condom

COB – cum on body. The man ejaculates somewhere on his partners body

COF – cum on face

CIM – cum in mouth

CIMWS – cum in mouth with swallow.  Please note I do not offer this service

DATY – dining at the Y.  Cunnilingus, oral sex performed on a women

DFK – deep french kissing,  Passionate french kissing with tongue

French – oral sex

FK – french kissing.  Open mouth kissing, with a little tongue

FS – full service.  Refers to sex workers providing vaginal sex, not just bj/hj

GFE – Girl Friend Experience.  A full service sex that should include french kissing, mutual oral, msog, and cuddling.  It should also be friendly, warm, unrushed, and authentic.  Some service providers advertise GFE but really mean FS, its wise to check.

Greek – anal sex

GS – golden shower.  When one partner pees on the other.  One needs to drink a lot of water about an hour before hand, to make sure (a) you can actually pee at the required time, and (b) the pee is quite clear and not gross

HJ – handjob

Happy ending – hand job. Usually at the end of a massage

Lingam – refers to penis.  In Sanskrit it also means proof of god’s existence! 

Lingam mass@ge – a tantric massage that focused on the whole male genitalia

MSOG – multiple shots on goal.  You are allowed to cum (ejaculate) as many times as you want (or can) during your session time.  Some FS providers only allow you to cum once

Mutual French – oral sex performed on both partners

Perineum m*ssage – rubbing, pressing, stimulating the perineum area between balls and anus.  For many men this is a very pleasant feeling and a great addition to hj/bj.  It is part of lingam massage.

Prostate mass age – using fingers or toys (with a slight ‘hook’  shape) in a man’s anus to stimulate the prostate gland.  Many men find this extremely arousing and can help with ejaculation.  Or just be a really intense pleasing sensation.  Can be part of lingam massage.

PSE – Porn Star Experience.  Full service sex that usually includes anal, possibly gagging and/or deep-throating, possibly rough sex, possibly many other things.  Inclusions for PSE vary greatly among providers.  

Shibari – also referred to as kinbaku.  Shibari means wrapping in Japanese.  In a sexual sense it refers to rope bondage. 
Kinbaku means tight wrapping.  Kinbaku-ki means the beauty of tight wrapping.  More advanced forms can involve suspension and various other props.  There is a strong focus on the aesthetic element.  Shibari may or may not involve sex/sexual elements.  Classes are sometimes available and there are a lot of youtube videos – its important you find ones that know and talk about safety seriously.  

Spanish – titty fucking.  Penis is put between the breasts and stimulated 

Tantra – tantra and tantric sex means a lot of different things to different people.  For a more indepth explanation its probably best to research yourself.  From a modern, western, and sexual perspective what it generally looks like in practice is something very slow, intimate and connected.   Not orgasm focused.  Slow and deep breathing is encouraged.  It is about being fully ‘present’ to yourself and your partner.  Being open to receive and fully experience pleasure, care, and affection.